Build Community Self-Sufficiency

Hosted by ANA Western Region TTA Center

Thursday, December 19, 2019 10 AM


The Administration for Native Americans funds a variety of projects from social and economic development to language immersion and environmental restoration. However, ANA funding cannot be used for “ongoing” program expenses, rather it should be a resource to leverage other funding streams for sustaining community benefits. ANA resources can build capacity, engage in planning, or aid start-up activities. Create site plans to secure funding for construction or implement new services. Leveraging other revenue streams for ongoing operation of those services is an ideal use of ANA funding.

This webinar will provide information on several of those streams: Community Services Block Grant, Community Economic Development, Rural Community Development, Indian Housing Block Grant, Indian Community Development Block Grant, Title VI Loan Guarantees, and more. Join representatives from ANA, Office of Native American Programs (ONAP), and Office of Community Services (OCS) to learn how to build and sustain projects using ANA resources to leverage other Federal funding available to tribes and Native communities.