Hālau Keʻalaokamaile

Location: Hawaii

Grants Awarded: Social and Economic Development Strategies (SEDS)

Grantee: Halau Kealaokamaile
Project Description: The Perpetuating Native Hawaiian Cultural Practices through Native Plants project will increase the cultural competency of Native Hawaiians through culturally-appropriate, multi-generational training in ancient Hawaiian plant cultivation. The project seeks to train 80 Native Hawaiians in ceremonial, artistic, medicinal and epicurean uses based on native cultural practices. This project is part of the community’s long-term goal of developing a sustainable agroforest to provide future opportunities to strengthen cultural identity, create economic opportunity, and perpetuate a modern living culture rooted in historic practices.

  • Location: Pukalani, Hawaii
  • ANA T/TA Region: Pacific
  • Program Area: Social and Economic Development Strategies
  • Project Period: 9/30/2018 – 9/29/2021
  • FY 2018 Award: $213,714