Pre-Req Checklist

While you will need to consult the most current Funding Opportunity Announcement to know for sure what’s required for the grant you’re applying for, having the following common grants procedures and certifications ready before the FOAs come out will help keep things running smoothly and give you more time to focus on writing to the criteria in the application phase. Follow the links to access or download useful guides and resources.

  1. Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number (takes 1-2 business days)
    • The Federal government requires that all applicants for Federal grants and cooperative agreements with the exception of individuals other than sole proprietors, have a DUNS number. (See policy at:

  2. System for Awards Management (SAM)
    • In order to be eligible for a federal grant, your organization needs to be registered in the System for Awards Management (SAM). If you were registered in CCR, you should already be in SAM, but call the Federal Service Desk help line (866-606-8220) to manually check with an operator. (

  3. Registration
    • ANA grant applications are downloaded from and uploaded to Make sure that your organization is registered and that your Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) on file is up-to-date. Call the help line (1-800-518-4726) to manually check that your registration is active.

  4. Proof of IRS Status
    • Although you don’t need to be an active federal 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit when you submit (State nonprofit status is OK), you will need to be active in order to receive your award. Check the link to look up your current federal tax-exempt status.

  5. Board Resolution 
    • A good Board Resolution acknowledges the submission of a proposal to ANA, demonstrates the majority Native composition of the Board, establishes a history of working with your target community, and commits time and resources. For a fictional sample, click the link below.

  6. Non-Profit Tool Kit
    • The Non-Profit Tool Kit is a 208-page guide with information on creating and managing a Non-Profit Organization. The toolkit details the 10 basic steps to form a nonprofit, from incorporating a new organization to strategic planning and finding funding. To download the resource, visit the ANA Resource Library, which is also filled with other great resources.

  7. Application Tool Kit
    • The ANA Application Toolkit was designed to assist applicants in developing their grant applications to the Administration for Native Americans. The toolkit comprises of five sections: four reflect the ANA application project description and the fifth provides tools to prepare and submit your application.

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