Te Taki Tokelau Community Training & Development, Inc. – Wahiawa, HI

Location: Hawaii

Grants Awarded: Native American Language Preservation and Maintenance (P&M)

The goal of the Tele! Project is to increase the number of Tokelau fluent speakers in the community by providing opportunities for more intergenerational interaction and by providing sustainable professional development for teachers in the Native language program, ultimately strengthening family and community bonds and the transmission of traditional knowledge and values. The first phase of the project begins with developing a strategic plan to recruit new teachers and sustain the professional development of the corps of teachers. The second phase will provide more opportunities for members to interact and use the language, especially isolated elders, youth, and others who have not participated in the school’s activities. The third phase increases awareness of the language, recruit new language teachers and helpers, record stories of fluent elders, and share news about the community and language through social media.